Sunday, February 12, 2006

5,000-Year-Old Grave Discovered in Jiroft

LONDON, 12 Februrary 2006 (CAIS) -- Director of the Jiroft excavation team, has announced that archeologists have come across a grave dating back to the third millennium BCE. Speaking to ISNA, Professor Yousef Majidzadeh said that in addition to the objects so far unearthed from the tomb, the team is also searching for human remains.
He added that the graves are located two-meter below the surface level. Recently a passage leading to one of the graves was found.
"Of course, this one, like the others in Matutâbâd Cemetery, Jiroft, has not remained safe and a passage connecting the tomb to the adjacent grave has been dug by plunderers", Majidzadeh stated.
He also pointed out that some 300 beads of a necklace made of azurite have been recovered after sieving the soil from the graves during illegal excavations.


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