Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bronze Daggers and 300 Lapis Beads Discovered in Jiroft

Tehran, 4 February 2006 (CHN) -- Archaeological excavations in Kenar Sandal area in Jiroft resulted in the discovery of two bronze daggers, a saw, and 300 lapis beads. Most of the discovered bronze and stone tools in this area had agricultural purposes which further indicate that Kenar Sandal area was an agricultural society and its residents did not earn their livings through hunting.
“The lapis beads discovered in a grave indicate that the women of this area wore these beads as necklaces some 5000 years ago,” said Majid Yousofzadeh, head of excavation team in Halil Rud region. “Since the inhabitants of this region had a material attitude toward afterlife, such articles were buried with the corpses as burial gifts,” added Yousofzadeh.
According to the researches the people of this area were professional craftsmen 10,000 years ago. They used to bring lapis lazuli to this region from Badakhshan Mountains in Afghanistan and after cutting the stones they would export them to different countries from this area.
Four seasons of excavation in the Halil Rud region has convinced archaeologists that unlike what most people had previously believed, Jiroft was the cradle of civilization not Mesopotamia.
Halil Rud historical site, located near the city of Jiroft in Kerman Province, was one of the first places where civilization and urbanization were established. 120 historical sites have been discovered on the 400-kilometer basin of Halil Rud River so far. A large number of stone, bronze and architectural relics belonging to the third millennium BC were unearthed during the illegal excavations by smugglers.
Recently, two snake-men reliefs were discovered during the fourth season of excavations in Jiroft. All these evidence can be used as proofs to Iran’s claim over ancient relics which have been stolen from this region and sold to museums and private collectors in different countries throughout the world.


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