Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tomb of Khosrow I, Found in Khafr

LONDON, 5 February 2006 (CAIS) -- Archeologists conducting excavations in Khafr, Fars province have come across the tomb of the Sasanid King of Kings, Khosrow I, known as Anušakruwān (pr. Anushirvān), (531-579 AD).
Archeologist Jamshid Sedaqat-Kish told ISNA in Jahrom, Fars province, that foreign sources had earlier confirmed that King’s grave was located at Khafr.
“It was discovered at a palace in Khafr. Prior to the 1979 Revolution, works had begun to build a tomb at the site, but, the project went into oblivion after the revolution,“ he said.
Khosrow I, was one of the greatest of the ancient world's sovereigns. He succeeded his father, Kavadh I (Qobād), but before becoming king of kings, Khosrow was responsible for ending the communistic Mazdakites movement (c.528). He extended Persian rule East to the Indus River with the capture (560) of Bactria, West across Arabia by establishing (570) at least nominal rule over Yemen, and north and northwest by taking part of Armenia and Caucasus from the Byzantines.
Khosrow is revered as a just (Dādgar), who encouraged learning, stimulated commerce, rebuilt cities, and set up a reformed system of taxation.


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