Thursday, May 25, 2006

Skeletons of a Mother & a Child Found at the Bolaghi Gorge

Tehran, 25 May 2006 (CHN) -- Latest archaeological excavations at the Bolaghi Gorge historical site in Fars province led to discovery of the skeletons of a mother and her child who were buried in a joint grave some 7000 years ago. With this new discovery, the number of the discovered skeletons in Bolaghi Gorge reached to eight.
“The skeleton of the mother was found buried on her side with the baby embraced in her arms. These skeletons belong to the Bacon era, some 7000 years ago, and were discovered in the residential area of Bolaghi Gorge. The gender of the mother was determined during our studies, however we are not yet sure about that of the child,” said Mojgan Seyedein, Iranian head of Iran-German joint archaeology team in Bolaghi Gorge.
Prior to this, the grave of a girl, a mass grave with disordered skeletons of three people, and the complete skeleton of a young man had already been discovered in Bolaghi Gorge. All of these graves date back to the fifth millennium BC.
According to Seyedein, with the discovery of the grave of the mother and her baby, the number of the graves discovered in Bolaghi Gorge reached the number eight. She also said that all the discovered skeletons have been transferred to Parse-Pasargadae Research Center for further studies.
Iranian-German joint archaeological team has continued its excavations in Bolaghi Gorge historical site since winter 2006 under the supervision of Mojgan Seyedein from Iran and Barbara Helwing from Germany. They discovered some areas belonging to the Bacon era which were settlement areas of the inhabitants of Bolaghi Gorge some 7000 years ago.
The 18-kilometer Bolaghi Gorge is located 9 kilometers from the world heritage site of Pasargadae and is considered part of its landscape. Archaeological excavations started in Bolaghi Gorge when it was announced that the inundation of the newly constructed Sivand Dam would pose a real threat to Bolaghi Gorge and all the archaeological evidence which have been unearthed so far in this historical site. The salvation project in Bolaghi Gorge started with the engagement of eight international teams more than a year ago and continues to this day.


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