Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Temporary Settlement from Neolithic Era Found in Shahrud Plain

Tehran, 15 March 2006 (CHN) -- The first season of archaeological excavations in pre-historic sites of Kalateh Khan and Qaf Khaneh in Semnan province resulted in understanding the fact that these areas were used just as temporary settlements by the people during the Neolithic era. Kalateh Khan and Qaf Khaneh, located in Shahrud plain in Semnan province, are two of the most ancient sites in Iran’s Central Plateau, dating back to the 7th to 5th millennium BC.
“It is believed that Shahrud Plain was a temporary settlement for migrating nomads, however more studies are still needed to confirm this new finding,” said Kourosh Roustayi, head of excavation team of this historical site.
According to Roustayi, due to the special geological condition of this area, archaeologists are hoping to discover more historical evidence there. “We hope to find more cultural evidence in the area such as more ovens which were discovered during archeological excavations in Deh Kheir historical site,” added Roustayi.
Some coaled seeds and animal bones had also been discovered during the first season of excavations in Kalateh Khan and Qaf Khaneh historical sites.


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thanks for this news. this is an intresting news.
is it possible for you to write the archaeologist name as well?

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