Monday, March 13, 2006

History of the Central Plateau should be Rewritten Due to the Discovery of a River

LONDON, 13 March 2006 (CAIS) – Discovery of the traces of an ancient river belonging to the fifth millennium BC in Mafin Abad historical hill provided some important information about the cultural and economical life in Central Plateau of Iran for archaeologists. Archaeologists believe that an important event must have happened in the region which led to some atmospheric changes in Central Plateau of Iran and terminated the trend of urbanization life in this region.
Prior to this, it was supposed that Central Plateau of Iran has always been a desert and therefore the existence of some civilizations in this region such as Cheshmeh Ali remained a mystery to archaeologists. However, discovery of the traces of a historical river in the region changed the archaeological beliefs.
“Remains of a historical river which was discovered during the archeological excavations in Mafin Abad region, changes the current attitudes towards the atmospheric condition of the Central Plateau. With the recent discovery, the former archeological beliefs about the economical and social situation of Central Plateau of Iran during ancient times will be revised,” said Ahmad Chaichi, director of archaeological research center and head of excavation team in Mafin Abad.
According to Chaichi, discovery of the remains of a river in this region may result in finding out how some rich civilizations were established in the area. Now the question is that what happened some 6,000 years ago which caused the civilizations that were going towards urbanization to came to a sudden end. Archaeological excavations in Mafin Abad historical site which have been started since January this year, has led to some important accomplishments about the biological and cultural situation of Central Plateau of Iran.
Chaichi believes that discovery the remains of a river in the region indicate the development of culture and civilization in Cheshmeh Ali region in Central Plateau. On the other hand discovery of a large number of spindles indicate that Mafin Abad was an industrialized region in Central Plateau of Iran during ancient times.
“In addition to spindles, some pottery equipments were also discovered in the region which indicates industry development of pottery during ancient times. The standard method of producing clays indicates that this industry was reached to a developed situation in the course of history,” explained Chaichi.
Mafin Abad Tepe is located in Eslamshahr in south of Tehran. It is near Vavan Tepe which belongs to the Sasanid dynastic era.


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