Friday, February 24, 2006

World Archeologists Rush to Rescue the Bolaghi Gorge

Tehran, 22 February 2006 (CHN) -- Tomorrow, an archeology seminar will be held in Fars Province with the attendance of several Iranian and foreign joint archeological teams to discuss immediate approaches to rescue the Bolaghi Gorge and its historical sites and relics which are in danger of drowning by water from Sivand Dam built in this area.
“During the seminar which is going to be held on February 23 with the support of Archeological Research Center of Iran’s Cultural Heritage & Tourism Organization (ICHTO), Parse-Pasargadae Research Center, and the Cultural Heritage & Tourism Organization of Fars Province, fourteen Iranian-Foreign joint archeological teams will announce the results of their excavations in and around the Gorge of Bolaghi during the past one and a half year,” said Alireza Qaedian, chairman of ICHTO office in Fars Province.
Qaedian added, “Presentation of the results of recent excavations by various experts with modern views in the fields of archeology, anthropology, ethnology, osteology, biology and geophysics in a particular geographical spot during different archeological periods including Paleolithic, Pre-historic, early history, Achaemenid, Sassanid and Islamic eras is among the specifications of this important seminar.
”In this seminar, in addition to announcements which will be made by Iranian-Polish joint body regarding their studies in several sites belonging to Sassanid era (226–650 AD) in the region of Bolaghi Gorge, Iranian-Japanese joint team will present its finding of one of the most important discovered caves in the region in relation to the lifestyle over the Paleolithic and stone ages,” noted Qaedian.
According to Qaedian, Iranian-Italian joint body will also present the result of their researches on one of the most significant sites of Bolaghi Gorge, which is very important in terms of social and non-urban lifestyle. Accordingly, other joint teams from France, Germany and also a body form Archeological Association of Tehran University will deliver their findings from this region in tomorrow’s seminar.


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