Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Post-Achaemenid Constructions Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge

Tehran, 22 February 2006 (CHN) -- Geophysical research in northern part of the Number 64 area of Bolaghi Gorge led to the discovery of three settlement complexes with several rooms belonging to the Post-Achaemenid* to the Sassanid era.
According to Ali Asadi, head of Iranian-Polish excavation team in Bolaghi Gorge, three settlement complexes dating back to the post-Achaemenid era were buried in the no. 64 area. “The geophysical maps show that these three settlement complexes consisted of several units, the usage of which is still unknown to us,” said Ali Asadi to CHN.
Some geophysical studies have recently been carried out in a 2-hectar area of the residential parts of no. 64 area and on the wall separating this area from the cemetery of the no. 65 area. Geophysical studies will provide the opportunity for the archeologists to find out the evidence buried at Bolaghi Gorge over time without any need for digging.
According to Asadi, the wall which separates the settlement complexes of no. 64 area and the cemetery of no. 65 area belongs to the Sassanid era. “What has still remained unknown for the archeologists is that while the cemetery belongs to the Sassanid era, the settlement complexes date back to the post-Achaemenid era. Therefore, we are going to carry out more archeological excavations in these two areas to find out the relationship between this cemetery and the settlement complexes,” added Asadi.
Archeological excavations started in Bolaghi Gorge, located 18 kilometers from Pasargadae historical site in Fars Province, when it was announced that the indentation of the newly constructed Sivand Dam will pose a real threat to this historical site which is believed to have been the location of the ancient King Road and one of the historical sites of the Pasargadae Complex. With inundation of the dam, 130 historical sites unearthed so far in Bolaghi Gorge, including the newly discovered settlement complexes, will drown. To save the main parts of Bolaghi Gorge before flooding, some joint teams from Iran and foreign countries are currently carrying out archeological excavations in this historical site with the cooperation of Sivand Dam authorities and Bolaghi Gorge Salvation Team.
The second season of excavation has started with the presence of a joint Iranian-German team to search for pre-historic life in Bolaghi Gorge. The next season of excavations in the historical site of Bolaghi Gorge will start in the coming spring season.


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