Thursday, June 01, 2006

Discovery of Jar Burials and Bronze Arrowheads in Khuzestan

Tehran, 1 June 2006 (CHN) -- Some jar burial with a bronze hair pin belonging to the Parthian era, and some arrowheads dating back to the Achaemenid era were discovered during the archaeological excavations at Sanjar Tepe in the city of Dezful, Khuzestan province. “During the recent archaeological excavations in satellite hills of Sanjar Tepe, we succeeded in discovery of some arrowheads. The form of these arrows indicates that they must have belonged to the Achaemenid era. We also found some jar burial graves belonging to the Parthian era with a stone seal and a bronze heir pin inside one of the graves,” said Mostafa Abdolahi, member of the excavation team in Sanjar Tepe.
According to Abdolahi, the excavations in Sanjar historical hill have been started to determine the history of the hill, its relation with the other pre-historic settlements of the area, determining the vicinity of this hill, providing the archaeology map of the area, and carrying out lithographical studies in this historical site.
First season of archaeological excavations in Sanjar Tepe has started by the students of Dezful Azad University under the supervision of Dr. Pour Derakhchandeh. Some important historical relics including a cylindrical seal with the design of a winged horse on its end, and clay, bronze, and iron relics have been unearthed so far during the archaeological excavations in this historical site.
Sanjar historical Tepe is located in the city of Dezful in Khuzestan province, south of Iran, and belongs to the Elamite period (2700 BC-539 BC). The first season of archaeological excavations in this historical site led to discovery of the location of Zahari, the Elamite city. This city was located between the cities of Susa and Avan. Considering the archaeological evidence found in the region, it is believed that this city must have existed near the Sanjar Tepe.


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