Sunday, May 07, 2006

Discovery of Large Number of Ancient Relics in Minab

Tehran, 7 May 2006 (CHN) -- During their latest excavations in Minab and Roudan in Hormozgan province, southern Iran, archaeologists succeeded in discovery of 15 ornamentations such as opal necklaces, bronze bracelet, and bronze arrow heads dating back to 3000 years ago as well as 40 Islamic coins.“40 coins have been discovered so far during the archaeological excavations in Minab and Roudan historical sites. Since the coins were covered by a thick layer of sediment over time, and due to the humidity of the region, it is not easy to determine the exact time of their coinage. However, studies on these coins indicate that they must have belonged to the Ilkhanid era (1256-1353 AD) to the Safavid period (1502-1736 AD) and it is believed that they belonged to the governors of ancient Hormoz. These excavations have also resulted in discovery of some opal beads, a bonze bracelet, and bronze arrow heads which belong to the first millennium BC together with some clay dishes belonging to the Safavid period,” said Siamak Sarlak, archaeologist and head of the excavation team in Minab and Roudan.
Prior to this discovery, archaeologists succeeded in finding the place called “the forgotten Hormoz” which was the location of the Old Hormoz lost for 700 years. After the collapse of Siraf Port, the old Hormoz Port became a booming trade center among the Persian Gulf regional states. Following the invasion of Mongols it became abandoned and lost its dignity and was forgotten for almost 700 years. The major part of the historical Hormoz Port was discovered during the recent archeological excavations. Until this discovery, Minab was believed to be the place of the ancient Hormoz but recent archaeological excavations indicate that it was only used as a summer settlement area for the old Hormoz settlers.
Minab Plain is located near the town of Minab in the southern province of Hormozgan. A large number of historical and cultural evidence such as a 3000-year-old cemetery were discovered in this plain during excavations by archaeologists.


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