Saturday, March 04, 2006

Discovery of the Western Platform of Apadana Castle

Tehran, 4 March 2006 (CHN) -- The giant western platform of Apadana Castle with a 380 square meters area has been unearthed after 12 years of archaeological excavations in this historical site. “The reconstruction of the previous accomplishments will be carried out after finishing the excavations. With the cooperation of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Khuzestan province and Susa city, this wall would be restored. The area between the wall of the platform and Imam Street in Susa city is supposed to change into a museum. However until this wall is not reconstructed we can not establish the museum,” said Mir Abedin Kaboli, head of archeological excavation team in Apadana Castle.
During their excavations in Susa historical site, French archaeologists believe that the only entrance of Apadana Castle located on the eastern side of Susa and there was no other gate, while western gate of Apadana Castle discovered during the recent excavations.
Discovery of the cladding and staircases in the western platform of Apadana Castle indicate that the castle entrance was from the western part.
Apadana Castle in Susa historical city in Khuzestan province was one of the most important castles during the Achaemenid era, and one of the most splendid ones in the world. Before the Islamic revolution in 1979, a French archaeological team carried out excavations in this castle which led to the discovery of a large number of valuable relics belonging to the Achaemenid era. These relics are now keept in the Louvre Museum in Paris.
Susa historical site in Khuzestan province is a large area containing various architectural structures belonging to the pre-historical to the Islamic period. This historical site was one of the most prominent centers of civilization in the world during the ancient times.


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