Sunday, January 15, 2006

Discovery of Hundreds of Ancient Bronze Relics in Lorestan

Tehran, 15 January 2006 (CHN) -- Discovery of more than one hundred bronze relics belonging to some 3000 years ago, has puzzled archeologists who were faced with such a large number of bronze relics all in one area. These articles which were accumulated in one particular area have been unearthed in Sangtarashan near Khoram Abad city.Archeological excavations in Sangtarashan historical site which started in order to stop the illegal diggings and save the area resulted in the discovery of one of the most stunning and unique historical sites of Iran. “More than 50 holes have been dug illegally in the one hectare area of this historical site which indicates that the smugglers were not so successful in finding many things.
Not only were these illegal diggers unable to find anything in these holes, they even sometimes left their mattocks broken because of the hard land. After settling in Sangtarashan historical site, we dug some 10x10 meters trenches including some holes which had already been partially dug by illegal diggers which led to the discovery of more than 100 bronze articles piled in a mess in one of these holes,” said Mehrdad Malekzadeh, head of Sangtarashan excavation team.“These large numbers of articles were discovered within three days which is unprecedented in the history of Iran’s archeological excavations. Some tiny buttons, arrow heads, kashkools and edged two axes, ornamental and military blades and cutlasses, and some delicate teapots have been fond among these items,” added Malekzadeh.
While only 15 of these unique bronze teapots have been discovered in all historical sites of Iran, 18 of such teapots which were unique during the Iron Age were discovered in Sangtarashan historical site alone.
Since archeologists have found neither any grave nor any architectural evidence in Sangtarashan historical site, they believe that the area was once a sacred place and these articles were taken there as gifts to this holy place. About other archeological discoveries, Malekzadeh said, “There are some blades and cutlasses among these relics which are not more than 10 centimeters long.
These military instruments are absolutely ornamental and it seems that they were oblations.”Sangtarashan historical site is located 52 kilometer from Khoram Abad on the height of “80 Pahlo” and “Taf” mountains, and is considered an important archeology site of the country.


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